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A finished item produced by a weaving process.
A finished item constructed as a weavement,
but produced by some other process,
such as 3D-printing.

In certain cases items that are the product of
unique ‘traditional’ equipment and processes
-and even ‘hands-on’ labor-
can ALSO be produced by 3D printing.
3D-printing can inevitably and purposefully
add new attributes to these products,
to such an extent that they can
ONLY be produced by 3D-printing.


The illustration below shows a 3D-weavement,
composed of blue-, red-, green- constituent elements.
See also the (3) videos featuring the weavement.

After viewing the (3) videos,
one can note that the 3D-weavement can be seen as consisting of:
1.) a stack of red/green 2D-weavements stitched together by blue elements,
2.) a stack of blue/green 2D-weavements stitched together by red elements,
3.) a stack of blue/red 2D-weavements stitched together by green elements.

The elements stitching these stacks of 2D-weavements together do so by
wending thru the successive members of the stack in some appropiate manner,
therefore, as a group, they can be called the ‘Wendage’.

Home Page Weavement

  red/green stack,
blue wendage.
1). –VIDEO

2). –VIDEO
blue/green stack,
red wendage.

3). –VIDEO
blue/red stack,
green wendage.


From the foregoing
a 3D-weavement can be defined as follows:

A 3D-weavement is so constituted that
along each of (3) mutually perpendicular directions
a unique stack of 2D-weavements and associated wendage
can be seen.